Our Story

    Day in, day out we all go to work. Some of us help sick people everyday but not all of us work in the medical field. Let’s face it. We can’t all be doctors, nurses, therapists or medical researchers. There have been times where we ask ourselves here at Yummy and Yummy, LLC. how we can make a difference in the lives of sick people. We can create some cool mobile apps that help bring a smile to someone’s face or teach a concept but as far as helping cure a disease with a mobile app....that sounds impossible. You can donate money to a research cause or be apart of a walk , and let’s face it - that is very fulfilling..... but what if we could contribute every-single-day. Actually, what if we could be helping medical science while we sleep? 24 hours / 7 days a week. 

Sounds crazy?           

Well, it really is a possibility!

    Now, consider this, the average family is thought to have at least 6 devices in their home. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Sounds unrealistic? Well, if you take into consideration the old devices that you just haven’t gotten around to sell on eBay because you have upgraded then you will probably find you may have more than 6 in the house. 
 Have an extra Android tablet or phone that just sits around gathering dust?
 How about an old laptop that you don’t use because the battery is dead but the power supply still works?
 Where is that old mini tower you used in college that you just haven’t gotten around to wiping the hard drive to give to Goodwill?
 Didn’t you buy a cheap laptop at a garage sale to tinker with?

    We asked ourselves these same questions..... and one day it all came together while performing a Google search. 

The result .... IBM World Community Grid

    An initiative that allows every person with an Android device, laptop, desktop, or tower doesn’t have to contribute to bettering humanity by going back to school for a Ph.D in medicine!

    All we need to do is dust off those devices we already paid for and are sitting around. 
We just install the IBM World Community Grid client and watch our new or old devices CRUNCH away at research that is safely and securely downloaded. 

Now, we can make a difference and Yummy and Yummy, LLC. is all-in ! 

We have at least 15 devices running 24 hours / 7 days a week.

    We are so excited to know that our used and new computers and tablets are helping to make a difference in medical research. Cancer - we all hate it. AIDS, the Zika Virus, TB.....LETS WIPE THESE ILLNESSES OFF THE FACE OF THE PLANET TOGETHER!

    Please consider joining our team, ‘Keep Looking For A Cure’, today by clicking the link below and knowing that every time you leave the program running in the background YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING to not only helping medical professionals look for cures but also helping them find ways on being proactive in detection.
Let’s not be REACTIVE - Let’s fight this now and be PROACTIVE together!